The dating game a bleach fanfic

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The dating game a bleach fanfic

"Yes you do." Momo dragged the small boy into the shop with her and walked over to the counter and looked at the various sweets, letting go of his sleeve as he did so. "I'm not shopping for Kira Shiro-chan." "But have you gotten your chocolate for making chocolates yet this year? but this is about..." "You are going to give him chocolate this year, right." "I always buy something for him, Abarai and Hisagi." The boy held out his hand. " The female took a deep breath before turning back to the counter." Toshiro pointed at the stack of chocolates that was in the shop. "But you've got to make his bigger." "Shiro-chan... Toshiro continued to look at the various chocolates. "Which chocolate do you think Matsumoto is going to give Ichimaru? She tried pulling away but Grimmjow held her steady. He deepens the kiss, pushing his tongue though her lips. Her knees buckled and she couldn't help but to let out a slight moan. "Just…nothing really out there please." Grimmjow smiled. "Ok…I feel like you were going to take me anyways no matter what my answer would be." Grimmjow chuckled. Looking at her and her stomach…" Oichi rubs her own stomach. I wanted to have children with Renji but I told him we should wait until we were in a better financial spot with the wedding and paying the house off. Gold diggers, loan sharks, hookers…" Grimmjow slammed his hands on the table. Gin said that you were in love and I didn't believe him but hearing your reaction I must say…" Grimmjow face turned bright red. Moving on, these are the files that need to be done for today." Grimmjow sits back. "If you do your job right then that is something you shouldn't worry about. I'd hate for us to have to lose such a valuable member of this company." He turned around to leave. "Ah one more thing, there is a seafood restaurant right by the ocean. Yamamoto there." "How did you…" "I may be blind but my ears are very sensitive. "What a fucking pain…"Later that night Grimmjow was getting ready to get Oichi. For dinner tonight, he was going to take her to a small yet popular seafood restaurant. It wasn't expensive for her and it wasn't too boring for him. Since everyone knows him there he wouldn't have to worry about them hitting on Oichi. Nothing super fancy just a daily candle light dinner and then a club." Oichi thought about it for a second and then nodded. I want to forgive her I really do but I just can't right now. "I just wanted to see what all the buzz was about with you new found love life. "If this girl makes you feel that way, then I hope you don't ruin it. I…I…" Oichi's face was flustered and her heart was pounding so hard. "I don't know…" "I'm not going to force you to do anything.

At first Toshiro found himself not moving, only to find her hand reaching up to tug on his sleeve.Reluctantly he took it and shoved it into his mouth as soon as the other soft candy was swallowed. Something is bothering you." The female dug through the bag for another piece."I could try guessing what it is." "As if you could." The boy glanced away, moving the candy to his cheek with his tongue. I'm shocked he didn't call you his mother first." Oichi frowned. Nel is…it's important that he establish that." She walked up to Grayson. Um…what's easy for him to say…How about Tee." Grimmjow raised his eyebrow. " "Well its like auntie but just Tee since he can't say that.""Ma." Grayson says.

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"The two shinigami stopped outside of the store, causing Toshiro to suddenly look up at Momo, blinking a couple of times. ' "Shiro-chan likes sweet things." "Yes, but...